Winter Hue

Winters look great in pure hues. These colors are vibrant, bold and saturated. Think true red, violet, fuchsia, and emerald.  Winters look amazing in black and white.  The little black dress was made for this type.  They also look good in icy cool pastels like mint green and surprisingly some neon colors! 

Even a color like red which is thought of to be “a warm color “ can actually be worn by a winter if it has a cool blue undertone or is pure with no white, grey or black added. True red has a blue undertone compared to Tomato red has an orange or yellow undertone which makes it a warm red.  


Structured, posed, classy, Graceful, excellent posture, fitted, rule oriented, logical, methodical these women have a bold dynamic presence yet can be introverted.  They can be very sexy and alluring but in a classy way. These women don’t need to show much skin but rather manage to make a fitted suit appealing.  

The Winters neutrals are: White, Black, Cool Navy, Beige, Cool Dark brown, Silver, White gold

Winters signature colors Fuchsia, Hot pink, Royal blue, Violet (pantone), Emerald green, True red, Mint green