Summer Tone

Summer’s wear subtle colors that are mellowed out with grey. In the art world these colors are called tone. These women look good in cool dusty neural hues because it compliments their feminine nature.

I think even these women pass over their own colors believing the colors are too boring or not pretty enough. I can’t disagree the colors are not exciting even the psychology behind them. I typically can tell it’s a summers color because it didn’t catch my eye and it’s not supposed to.
Don’t despair! This is because their colors have grey added which is the most neutral color. This makes the focus not on the clothing but them. They stand out.  

It’s funny because these would be the least attention seeking people. They stand out more because the clothing color is neutral. You will be enchanted by their stunning blue eyes, sparkling white teeth, dark curly hair or rocking body. They typically have a stand out feature that should be emphasized.  Anything too bright, bold or busy would be wearing them instead of them wearing it.
The foundation of a season is the neutral pallet of that season. These are the capsule of a well put together wardrobe. With these you can easily throw something together in minutes because it is matching and monochromatic. You can always add more colors later but in the case of a summer I would say let the focus be your stand out feature. You get the most neutrals!

Summer neutrals Ivory Bone white, Beige, Taupe, Dark Cool Blue, Cool Charcoal Grey, Dusty pink, Pewter, Silver, White gold 

Summers Signature Colors Cornflower light blue, Medium dusty blue, Cool Dark Plum, Lilac, Moss green