Nicole Germain

​Head Buyer / Stylist

Fashion is the art of expressing yourself as a living sculpture.  The clothing we pick tells our story and point of view to the world.  It communicates before we speak.  It's important to find things that resonate with our inner expression in an outward way.  Wearing the right colors, fit, pattern and structure help you to appear more approachable and authentic.  

Online Store

I have organized this site to shop by color.  I also have categorized it by personal Coloring/ Season: Spring Tint, Summer Tone, Autumn Shade and Winter Pure Hue.  This is to help you find the right colors that you are tuned into.  Computer monitors and photos can be deceiving.  Since I have an eye for color I am offering you my stylist skills to help you sort quickly. 

Lavatica's Closet is about understanding your personal style and picking items that you will actually wear and love.  This site has new and preowned items.  One of the core values of Lavatica's Closet is Sustainability.  Buying preowned items means not only are you getting a great deal but you're helping the environment .  All preowned items are cleaned and inspected for flaws. Most items are in mint condition but  if there are any flaws you will know about it because we give detailed honest descriptions and take detailed photos.    

Online Store