Spring Tint

Springs look good in warm colors that have white added to them. In the design world these colors are called tints. They have a cheerful, youthful energy. White quite literally gives light/ energy where as black takes light or energy. Some examples of spring colors are coral, tomato red, spring green, lemon yellow and warm navy blue.


These ladies are cheerful optimist types.  They might giggle about the things even if it’s not funny or add extra emoji’s to texts.  Some more descriptive words are quirky, upbeat or unexpected.  I view Springs as the muse.  They inspire everyone around them with high energy, and creativity. Even their jewelry likes to move and make sounds. They smile and it’s contagious.  
A springs patterns are florals, parsley, polka dots, circles, stars and cute quirky things like lemons, flamingos, pineapples, and scalloped hem.  I’m a spring myself and we just like cute things.  

The Basics

The foundation of a season is the neutral pallet of that season.  These are the capsule or foundation of a well put together wardrobe. With these you can easily throw something together in minutes because it is matching and monochromatic. You can always add more colors to jazz it up! 

The spring’s neutrals are: Warm tan instead of beige Cream or ivory Grey in place of black (hint: black with white added is grey!)Warm tinted navy in place of cool dark shaded navy Warm chestnut brown in place of cool dark brown Gold 

The Springs Signature Colors

Coral Orange

Spring green

Periwinkle blue

Warm tinted Purple