Autumn Shade

Autumn women’s colors are shaded. A shade specifically is a color that has black added to it. With that said, autumns can wear solid black but its best when mixed in a pattern with other colors.  Solid black is too harsh on them because their color scheme has a warm undertone. Black is not a warm color so it’s best to pick an autumn neutral and save the black as an accent.  

These women often have a dangerous feisty bad girl side and they express it with their fashion. They are the most boldly sexual and outgoing.  In yin yang energy feminine energy is represented by black.  Whereas white is considered energy giving black is energy taking or absorbing.  This makes them mysterious, alluring and exciting.

Possible architypes

1) Asymmetrical hemlines, shoulders (Example: one cold shoulder other spaghetti) , hair (reverse tapered forward  one side bob other side shaved, choppy blunt bangs spiky razor cut bleach streaks frosted tips Ripped jeans 

2) Androgynous gender bending, use of men’s boxy jackets, wool, tweed, twill, plaid, Doc martens, grunge, military jackets 

3) Party Vixen sexually suggestive with a plunging neckline sheer dress with no bra pleather pants or corset top, dominatrix vibes assertive 

4) Rocker / steam punk look ripped jeans, fishnet, corsets, vintage,  smoky eyes body art and body jewelry

5) Outdoorsy   East coast Equestrian, Ralph Lauren, Orvis, Brooks Brothers, Sperry west coast hiker Columbia, Marmouth, Northface


The foundation of a season is the neutral pallet of that season.  These are the capsule of a well put together wardrobe. You can easily throw something together in minutes because it is matching and monochromatic. You can always add more colors! 

The Autumns neutrals 

Warm grey 

Warm taupe

Warm Dark

Cognac brown

Antique Bronze 


Autumns Signature colors:

Olive Green


Forest Green

Maroon Red

Warm Plum Purple  

Mustard Yellow